Buyers Need Their Own Realtor
Major employers and relocation companies require the use of a Buyer's Agent.

Here is what you can expect from Wendy & Bill Tison as your Buyer's Agent:

1. Search all MLS listings for the house that meets your needs.
2. Review all new developments to see if they have what you need.
3. Arrange showings of For Sale by Owners.
4. Evaluate the home you like best to determine a fare market value.
5. Help you negotiate a price at or below fair market value.
6. Arrange for inspections to determine condition of the house. Monitor repairs.
7. Help you apply for and obtain financing at the best terms.
8. Monitor the closing process to be sure everything is on schedule to close on time.
9. Perform the final walkthrough to make sure the house is being delivered as promised.
10. Attend the closing.

Using these services can save you time and thousands of dollars. You need someone in your court, protecting your interests and helping you make intelligent decisions based on fact, experience and knowledge.

There is no additional cost to you for these services.